G E Group of companies
Description : High precision components for oil fields
QTY : 05 sets per month
Herrenknecht India Pvt Ltd,(Head German) Chennai
Description : We are manufacturing and supplying Tunnel Boring Machine Components.
QTY : 3 Sets Per Month
Regen Power Tech Pvt Ltd, Chennai
Description : We are manufacturing and supplying Windmill Components
QTY : 30 sets per month
Hyundai Motors India Ltd, Chennai Tamil Nadu
Description : We are designing and manufacturing of Engine pallet, Engine Carrier, Rear suspension
carrier and Front Carrier
QTY : We have supplied 1600 sets for past two years
Amitha Technical Company, (Head Japan). Chennai
Description : We are supplying Net/Rope Making Machines components
QTY : 6 Machine parts per month
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